Many Hands

Many people have given their time to serve as teachers and leaders here at New Covenant.

Please pray for them.

Pastor—Van Kierstead

Deacons—Curt Kessler, ET Walker (Deacon in Training)

Ministries Coordinator—Marsha Lane

Prayer Warriors—Charla Townsend

Children’s Ministry—Marsha Lane

Minister of Music—Jeff Stallings

Pianist—Glenda Cook

Organist—Karyn Reed

Missions Coordinator—Ron Reed

Missions Awareness—Chris Goettsche

Sunday School Teachers:

Adult: Curt Kessler, ET Walker, and Van Kierstead

Young Adult: April Kierstead

Youth: Jeff and Stacie Stallings

Children: Ron and Karyn Reed

Women’s Ministry—Marsha Lane, Linda Stallings, and April Kierstead

Greeters—Joanne Norris, Linda Stallings, and Ron Reed

Events Coordinator—Stacie Stalling

  September 2020  
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